Remarks of Ambassador Dogu on Inauguration of the Basic Education Center Esteban Mendoza

Sara and Elizabeth: two teenagers. One in Santa Rosa de Copan, and the other in La Ceiba. Both with dreams and aspirations that they didn’t think they could reach.

Why is this? Is it that their schools they did not have the basic infrastructure in place?

But now things they are different for Saira and Elizabeth. Their two schools have been supported thanks to “La Alianza de Educación” (“The Alliance for Education”). Today Saira is continuing with her studies and is preparing to go to college, and Elizabeth is closer to her dream to serve to her community as a firefighter.

After from so much preamble, good morning to everyone!

I love seeing children and teenagers at our events. You are the reason that we work so hard.

Greetings to the parents and families here today, the teachers, the Minister of Education’s representative, Ficohsa executives, other government officials, members of the private sector, donors, civil society and the other organizations who are with us today. Because of the people from organizations such as these ones: Saira and Elizabeth’s dreams, as well as the dreams of thousands of young people like them throughout Honduras, can come true.

In January this year, the U.S. government, together with the government and the private sector of Honduras, launched the Alliance for Education. Through this Alliance, the private sector is expanding their investment in new areas. I’d like to focus on what we are already achieving through this Alliance, and how it’s contributing to the development of education in Honduras.

Today, we celebrate the opening of the first school rebuilt by the private sector under the Alliance for Education. Ficohsa’s support is a great motivation for other private companies and donors to see the incredible work being done by partners in this Alliance for Education.

This is the first of many schools that are under renovation.

The Alliance for Education is also working In Copan, Lempira, Intibucá, Choluteca, La Ceiba, Choloma, Juticalpa, Comayagua, Saint Barbara and other locations throughout Honduras. Soon, we will be inaugurating more schools in these places. The challenges of facing the educational sector in Honduras are very big, and no single government, single donor, or single company can solve them alone. But UNITED we can overcome the challenge.

I congratulate Ficohsa for starting this step forward. As a company, you are demonstrating your commitment to the children and youth of Honduras. We will continue to work together to promote a safe and quality education for students in Honduras, to motivate students to keep on studying.

I feel very satisfied seeing the outcome of the first renovated school and I am motivated to continue in this Alliance together.

Thank you so much to everyone.