U.S. Government donates medical and laboratory equipment to Ciudad Mujer in Tegucigalpa

TEGUCIGALPA – When women succeed, their families and communities succeed.  The people of the United States, through the Office of Security Cooperation under the Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP) of the United States Southern Command, donated close to 600 thousand Lempiras in basic medical and laboratory equipment in support of Ciudad Mujer Tegucigalpa. 

This donation helps inform the population about the initiative’s programs for women in Honduras and promotes the participation and integration of women within Honduran society to support gender equality through the empowerment of women to foster long-term peace, stability and development.  

The United States Southern Command’s (SOUTHCOM) Office of Security Cooperation in Tegucigalpa worked directly with Ciudad Mujer, USAID, and the Honduran Ministry of Health to identify the specific needs. This donation follows a visit to Ciudad Mujer by the wife of the US Army Chief of Staff, Mrs. Maria McConville, in February.  

The event was held at Ciudad Mujer Tegucigalpa with the United States Ambassador to Honduras Laura Dogu, Presidential Designate Tatiana Lara, Ciudad Mujer’s National Director Erika Ponce and Ciudad Mujer Tegucigalpa’s administrator Alejandra Espinal, among others.  

INFORMATION: United States Department of Defense Humanitarian and Technical Assistance:  

The US Department of Defense is constantly working with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to provide humanitarian and technical assistance to support Honduras.  

In 2023, the Department of Defense invested $6.9 million USD in various projects through the Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP). These HAP projects range from small grants costing just under $25,000 to large grants building disaster relief warehouses, maternity clinics and mobile dental clinics, valued at more than $1 million USD.  

This donation includes supplies ranging from vital sign measurement equipment to contraception and lactation support. The Department of Defense’s Security Cooperation Office in Tegucigalpa worked directly with staff from Ciudad Mujer, USAID, and the Honduran Ministry of Health to identify specific needs. This donation follows a visit to Ciudad Mujer by the wife of the US Army Chief of Staff, Mrs. Maria McConville.  

Additionally, in 2023, the Department of Defense Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP) made the following donations:  

  • To the Honduran Ministry of Health: six fully equipped container clinics with an approximate value of $1 million USD. In addition, the HAP approved the donation of three more clinics with a value of $285,000 USD.  
  • To COPECO’s Immediate Response Unit: personal protective equipment and tools to mitigate forest fires.  
  • To the Atlántida Regional Hospital of the Ministry of Health: surgical lamps, an electro-surgical generator and air conditioning for operating rooms to reduce surgical delays. 

In 2022:  

  • 17 humanitarian projects with a value of more than $425,000 USD were approved.  
  • These projects provided the Permanent Contingency Commission for Honduras (COPECO) with personal protective equipment and supplies needed to combat the surge in COVID-19 cases. HAP donated 18 ultra-low temperature freezers to store vaccine doses and facilitate vaccinations throughout the country.  

In addition, U.S. Department of Defense officials collaborated with their Honduran counterparts in multiple joint support operations, such as the Health Engagement Assistance Response Team (HEART), which provided medical care to 1,880 patients through collective efforts between medical professionals from the United States and Honduras.  

In addition, the Hospital Ship USNS Comfort visited Honduras in early November 2022 and offered dozens of medical consultations and veterinary services, exchanges withoxperts in the field, and other programs and activities that benefited the Honduran people. In total, the monetary value of the medical and veterinary services provided to hundreds of Hondurans during the USNS Comfort visit was several million dollars.  

The United States remains committed to the Honduran people to promote the economic growth, security, health, education, respect for human rights, inclusion, and the strengthening of democracy.  

For more information on all the activities that the United States government has been carrying out for the benefit of our Honduran brothers and sisters, see the following links:  

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➢ Twitter (Ambassador Laura Dogu): https://twitter.com/USAmbHonduras  

➢ Twitter (US Embassy): https://twitter.com/usembassyhn  

➢ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/usembassyhn  

➢ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/usembassyhn 

 June 22, 2023