Welfare and Whereabouts

If you know a U.S. citizen who has gone missing in Honduras, or are concerned about the welfare of a U.S. citizen in Honduras, the U.S. Embassy may be able to assist you in locating them.

Honduras is a large country with often limited infrastructure, which can make finding individual persons difficult.

When you contact us, please provide the following information on the person you are inquiring about in order to help us assist you more effectively:

Full name
U.S. passport number
Date of birth
Place of birth
Travel plans
Date when he/she entered Honduras
Date you last contacted him/her

Contact the ACS Unit


*The Privacy Act of 1974: The Privacy Act of 1974 prohibits Consular Officers from revealing or sharing any private information without express written authorization. If we are able to locate the person or people in question, we will ask that person to get in touch with you, or to complete a waiver of his or her privacy rights.