Application Forms

When printing the application, please be sure the image of the application covers the entire page. Forms must be printed on separate sheets of paper; do not print the form on front and back of the same sheet. Complete the mailing address field with a Honduran address, either your home address or the address where you are staying. All forms must be completed (but not signed) before your appointment.

  • DS-11 (PDF 100 KB): Passport Application
  • DS-64 (PDF 50.9 KB): Statement Regarding Lost or Stolen Passport
  • DS-82 (PDF 81.3 KB): Passport Renewal (and for changes more than one year after issuance)
  • DS-2029 (PDF 61.3 KB): Application for Consular Report of Birth Abroad
  • DS-3053 (PDF 41.2 KB): Statement of Consent (must be notarized by U.S. Notary)
  • DS-5504 (PDF 81.7 KB): U.S. Passport Re-Application (for changes within one year of issuance)
  • DS-5507 (PDF 281 KB): Affidavit of Parentage, Physical Presence and Support
  • DS-5525 (PDF 40.9 KB): Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances