Name Change/Data Correction

Name Change/Data Correction: If you have changed your name or would like to correct an error on your passport, and the passport was issued less than a year ago, you may do so free of charge. If more than a year has passed since your passport was issued, follow the instructions for renewing your passport.

Limited Passport Replacement: If you were issued a limited validity passport less than a year ago (i.e., for emergency travel to the United States), you may replace it with a full validity passport free charge. If over a year has passed since your limited passport was issued, follow the instructions to apply for a passport for the first time.

You must:

  1. Present your Valid U.S. Passport
  2. Evidence for Data Change Requested
  3. Provide one passport photo (Note: Photo size 2″x2″ in with a white background, and free of shadows.)
  4. Provide a Social Security Number
  5. Complete a DS-5504 Form ( PDF 82 KB)