Passport Fee List

Different passport services require different fees. We have summarized all of the passport fees for your convenience below. Please select the type of application that applies to you to proceed to the application process.

You must pay all fees directly at the Embassy or the Consular Agency. Do not make payments at a bank or any other establishment.

Adult Passport Fees

First Time Adult Passport: $145

Renew an Adult’s Passport: $110

Replace a Lost/Stolen Adult Passport: $145

Replace a Damaged Adult Passport: $110

Replace a Mutilated Adult Passport: $145

Minor Passport Fees

First Time Minor Passport: $115

Renew a Minor’s Passport: $115

Replace Minor’s Lost/Stolen Passport: $115

Replace a Minor’s Damaged Passport: $115

Other Passport Service Fees

Name Change/Correction/Replace Limited PPT: FREE