Damaged and Mutilated Passport

Note: An appointment is needed for this service

Damaged Passport:  A passport where the physical appearance or composition has been changed through ordinary wear or tear, carelessness, or by accidental happenstance (e.g., having been washed, torn, burned in a fire by the applicant or a third party, or mauled by an animal).  Such unintentional changes may be, although not always, enough to affect the validity and usage of the passport for travel.

Mutilated Passport:  A passport that is intentionally and materially changed in physical appearance or composition by the bearer.

You must:

Complete a Passport Application

  1. If minor, both parents( or the child’s legal guardian(s)), as well as the child must be present.
  2. Present Original Birth Certificate or Consular Report of Birth Abroad
  3. Previous Passport
  4. Provide valid Government-Issued ID for Both Parents
  5. Provide one (1) passport photo of minor (Note: Photo size 2″x2″ in with a white background, and free of shadows.)
  6. Provide the Social Security Number of minor
  7. Growth Progression Photos. This are submitted to establish the development of minor children; these photos should range from the age in which their previous passport was issued to their current age.
  8. Make an appointment ( click here)
  9. Fees: non-refundable
    • Form DS-11  for minor applicants  115 U.S. Dollars and for adult applicants 145.00 U.S. Dollar
    • At the Embassy in Tegucigalpa: Fees may be paid in U.S. dollars or the equivalent in Lempiras. International credit cards are accepted.  Personal checks are not accepted.
    • At the Consular Agency in San Pedro Sula: Fees may only be paid in Lempiras. Exact change is required.  International credit cards are accepted.  Personal checks are not accepted.
    • You must pay all fees directly at the Embassy or the Consular Agency. Do not make payments at a bank or any other establishment.
  10. Turnaround Time:
    • When applying in Tegucigalpa – Approximately 13 working days.
    • When applying in San Pedro Sula – Approximately 5 weeks.