As a result of the curfew implemented by the Government of Honduras, grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies are generally closed. Some grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations may be opening for a few hours a day.

The following stores have reported they will be opening sporadically:



Mas X Menos Supermarket: Open today March 18th, 2020 only from  11:00am to 4:00pm

1. Punto Farma Pharmacies at:

Hospital San Jorge  – Col Hato de Enmedio

Hospimed – Col. La kenedy

Centro Medico – La Granja

Hospital Infantil Privado – La Granja


2. Kielsa Pharmacies at:

Hospital Medical Center Tel. 2280 23331

Seguro Social Tel. 2246 3727

Hospital Viera Tel. 2280 2305

Hospital La Policlinica Tel. 2280 6337

1. Kielsa Pharmacies at:

Kielsa Pharmacy from 8:00am to 8:00pm, Tel. 2480 1076

Hospital Dantony


Hospital Regional Atlántida

Pharmacies at:

Cemesa Tel. 2580 1749

Seguro Social Tel. 2580 1986

Hospital del Valle Tel. 2480 1073