Statement from Chargé d’Affaires Heide B. Fulton on the Appointment of Karla Cueva as Minister of Human Rights

We congratulate Minister Karla Cueva on her appointment, and the Government of Honduras on fulfilling its commitment to create a Ministry of Human Rights.

The promotion and protection of human rights is a responsibility shared by all, and the creation of the new Ministry is an opportunity for the people and government of Honduras to strengthen their efforts to work together to protect the fundamental freedoms that we all enjoy.

Given the events following the election, we encourage the new Ministry to work with the Public Ministry and other authorities to ensure that all deaths, injuries and other violence related to the post-electoral situation are investigated quickly and thoroughly, in a transparent manner that ensures that the victims and their families receive justice. Members of the security forces must use force only in accordance with international standards. Individuals exercising their freedom of expression must do so peacefully.

Honduras faces many human rights challenges, including the protection of human rights defenders and journalists, accountability for those who threaten or attack them, and the protection and promotion of the rights of vulnerable communities in Honduras, among others.

Making progress on these and other human rights challenges is a key factor in Honduras’ growth as a peaceful, democratic and prosperous country.

We look forward to working with Minister Cueva and her new colleagues as they address the human rights challenges that Honduras faces.