Statement by Ambassador Nealon for International Day of Democracy and International Day of Peace

This week we celebrate both the International Day of Democracy and the International Day of Peace. I believe it is appropriate that we celebrate these two days together, as democracy and peace are inextricably linked.

In my first month here in Honduras, I’ve had the great privilege of meeting many Hondurans who are working to support security, justice, and democracy in this country. I’ve met brave and dedicated men and women from the Honduran National Police, and the Public Ministry. I’ve met human rights defenders who are working to shine a light on injustices. And I’ve met community leaders who work tirelessly to take back their neighborhoods from crime and criminal organizations. Today, Hondurans from every walk of life are gathering peacefully to say “no” to impunity and to call for justice and peace.

As United States Secretary of State John Kerry said this week: “Democratic societies are strong societies, because people are free to speak out against injustices and to discuss, debate, and work together to drive positive change –even with those who hold opposing views. In a democracy, we are free to choose our leaders, hold government institutions accountable, and work with those institutions to build a more stable and prosperous future for all members of our society.”

The Embassy of the United States in Honduras pledges its continuing support to civil society and the Government of Honduras as they work to reduce impunity, increase security, and forge a brighter, prosperous, more peaceful future for all Hondurans.