Remarks by Ambassador Laura Dogu at the Ceremony for the Donation of ”Clinics-in-a-can” to the Health Centers in Honduras

Good Morning!

We are in the summer, and it is supposed to be the dry season of the year. But note that lately it has rained much more than is typical for this season in Honduras.

So it is timely that we are here today to talk about how in November 2020, the Department of Cortes suffered great losses due to the floods that occurred during Hurricanes Eta and Iota.

As you here know better than anyone, this situation had a strong impact on multiple health centers. This particularly affected the health infrastructure, thereby affecting the medical services provided to the residents of La Lima and Puerto Cortés.

Lady Governor of Cortés, Alexa Solorzano;

Minister of Health, José Manuel Matheu;

Director of the Division of Exercises and Coalition Affairs of the US Southern Command, Kevin Bostick;

Special guests;

representatives of the media;

Today we are happy to be able to donate six fully equipped ”clinics-in-a-can”. They are awarded by the United States Southern Command Humanitarian Assistance Program, valued at approximately one million dollars.

Now the inhabitants of these communities of La Lima, La Planeta, and Baracoa, will have better access to health services.

Local government institutions, such as the Municipalities of La Lima and Puerto Cortés, were key to the success of this effort.

We are very happy to work together with the Government of Honduras to benefit the Honduran people and we look forward to continuing this relationship in the future.

Thank you so much.