Remarks Ambassador Laura F. Dogu YLAI Meet-Up and Networking Event


Have you heard of Jeff Bezos?

He had the idea of selling books online in 1997.

Today his company is one of the most important in the world.

Do you know what company he founded?


And what about Larry Page and Sergey Brin?

They founded Google.

President Biden shared that “the spirit of American entrepreneurship is a defining quality of our nation, one that has time and time again lifted us to new heights and helped us overcome our greatest challenges.”

This spirit also exists in Honduras.

Roberto Contreras founded Power Chicken before becoming the Mayor of San Pedro Sula.

And Reny Gutiérrez employs 16 people at his restaurant in San Pedro Sula, La Esquina del Sabor Garifuna, helping save lives by encouraging people not to migrate.

You are also investing in your communities.

So welcome to all our YLAI scholars.

You were selected not only for your business ideas but also for your leadership,

innovation, and commitment to generate impact in their communities.

Who among you will be the next owner of a company that changes the world?

Some of you have led programs to share your knowledge with emerging entrepreneurs.

Others promote the natural resources and rich cultural diversity of Honduras, prompting us to act to value and preserve it.

Some of you promote diversity and inclusion in education.

They raise awareness of developmental disabilities and provide tools for children and adults improve their quality of life.

While others of you use technology to provide innovative services of virtual reality, finance, software and logistics to clients in Honduras and around the world.

There are also those of you who exalt Honduran gastronomy and educate us to have good nutrition like Joche, who is our chef today.

These stories are just examples of how each of you is not waiting for change, you are creating it.

Through you we have reached other audiences and communities that we would never have been able to reach without your collaboration.

All of you are an invaluable source of resources and knowledge for both the Embassy and Honduras.

And at the Embassy we value the day-to-day contributions you make to the development of Honduras.

We are very proud of our collaboration with you.

We hope that this opportunity will allow us to get to know each other better, create networks, and discuss new ideas to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in your communities.

But above all, I hope that this event is a reminder that the Embassy and I, personally, are committed to supporting your initiatives and efforts.

Thank you.