Remarks Ambassador Laura F. Dogu On American School of Tegucigalpa Graduation

May 26, 2022

Good evening American School of Tegucigalpa!

I’m Laura Dogu, the U.S. Ambassador to Honduras. Thank you for the opportunity to join your celebration. I wish I could be with you in person, but I am happy to join you virtually. Congratulations on completing high school!

That alone is no easy feat, but you achieved this during a global pandemic. I am impressed by your resilience and perseverance, adapting to learning in a virtual and hybrid environment. You gave it your best, and your hard work has paid off.   You broke records in Track & Field and won championships in both national and regional athletic competitions.

As a class, you donated some of your class funds to COVID relief for Hospital Maria. You organized fundraisers to support the Honduran Foundation for Children with Cancer. You contributed to hurricane relief in partnership with Voces de Esperanza. And you founded the Rising Voices club to empower young girls in middle school and combat bullying.

Your service to your community and your fellow citizens is admirable.  You should be very proud of yourselves!

I was impressed to see the list of schools where you have been accepted, such as Rice University, the University of Miami, and Rochester Institute of Technology, among others. I see that many of you have even chosen to study in the United States!

During this next chapter of your lives, you will gain new experiences, grow immensely, and share your talents with communities in Honduras and around the world.

As you move on to your exciting new endeavors, remember the lessons you have learned from your teachers and the rest of the AST team, as well as from your family and friends. I know you will continue to excel.

Now, graduations are a moment to recognize not only your achievements, but also the vast support your received along the way. Your teachers, family, and friends have guided and encouraged you throughout the years. So, today, we also celebrate them.  Please make sure you take the time to thank them.

And finally, it is my very special honor to present the Ambassador’s Medal to Valeria Alejandra Madrid Poujol.

An avid learner and dedicated student, Valeria is completing her high school journey having earned a 98.87% average since the ninth grade. Valeria’s teachers and peers describe her as eloquent, kind-hearted, driven, loyal, and resilient. Most notable is Valeria’s commitment to community service. Her admirable contributions include a book drive to benefit an underfunded public school and a fundraiser to raise money for childhood cancer research. Valeria will continue from AST to study STEM at a university in Spain.

I commend you, Valeria, for your academic achievements and service to others. Congratulations!

On behalf of the entire U.S. Embassy community, congratulations to the AST Class of 2022!

Go Eagles, fly high!