Remarks Ambassador Laura F. Dogu for Reception for the completion of First Major Phase of Construction of the New Facilities of the U.S. Embassy

Friday May 27, 2022

Your excellency, Mr. Chancellor Enrique Reina, Ministers, Diplomatic Corps and special guests,

Good afternoon.

Thank you to everyone who accepted our invitation to commemorate the completion of a major phase of the construction of the new facilities of the U.S. Embassy. We are here to celebrate an important moment in the construction of the new embassy. The outer structure of what will be the U.S. Embassy is now completed, and so we recognize the great work that has been accomplished to date.

I am happy to be part of this ceremony and I congratulate B. L. Harbert and our Office of Building Operations abroad on their success. This project began in March 2019. In the last three years over 1,400 people have been through this job site to build this unique complex that demonstrates the relationship between our nations.

This building has nothing to do with the past but with our shared future. And we have made a great investment for this future with over $327 million dollars.

However, what is most important is that we invested in the Honduran people. The construction company B.L. Herbert used strong and talented Honduran labor to achieve this milestone in a short period of time. Currently around 1,000 Hondurans come to work and develop valuable skills. They will keep their new skills even after our new embassy has been completed. I like knowing that on this project there are about 40 Honduran women among the engineers, architects, and doctors working with the upmost professionalism.

Every day employees become experts in construction. They are learning information systems, international safety standards, 3-D modeling and design, quality control systems, and international logistics. In the future these talented and capable Hondurans will be able to use their new cutting-edge knowledge to help to other companies in the country.

In addition to the valuable contributions from Honduran workforce, we have the international experience of managers from the Philippines, Guatemala, South Africa, Mexico, Turkey, and El Salvador.

I want to thank to the Honduran government at all levels, including the Mayor’s Office of the Central District, the Fire Department, and the cabinet of the President of Honduras. Without your support this project would not have progressed. I hope to see you all at the ribbon cutting in the 2023.

Thank you very much.