Remarks by Ambassador Laura Dogu at the Dedication Ceremony for the National Police’s Strategic Comunication Department

Great Seal of the United States

Today more than ever, communication drives everything. Constant technological changes require us to keep up to date and adapt to new forms of communication. The police’s ability to communicate and notify the public is critical to their mission to “serve and protect.”

The press room is a tool that allows for more effective communication. And this fosters trust and collaboration with the community.

Minister of Security Ramon Sabillon, General Director of the General Police Sanchez Velasquez, distinguished guests, and members of the Honduran National Police: we are celebrating our donation of this audio-visual room to the police’s Strategic Communications Department.

This space, remodeled and equipped by the United States, is a testament to our commitment to promote the security, prosperity, and democracy of the Honduran people. We know that today communication must be fast, creative, and visual to maintain citizen security. As an institution, you must keep up to date and be in constant contact with the community you serve. This project is an important tool to achieve this goal.

It is designed to be a safe and reliable space for video recording and streaming, as well as producing informational and educational materials.

We hope that it will be an instrument that allows all of us to continue working for a more secure, prosperous, and democratic Honduras.

On this special day, I want to congratulate the Police for their commitment to citizen security and the strengthening of their relationship with the community. The United States and INL have been, are, and will be your ally in protecting the Honduran people. You can count on us.

Thank you so much.