Policy and History

Promoting respect for human rights is one of the highest priorities of the U.S. Government in Honduras. The U.S. Embassy in Honduras supports work by the Government of Honduras and civil society to integrate human rights as a priority across government institutions, and to address root causes of human rights violations, such as impunity, inequality, and injustice.

Among the most serious human rights problems in Honduras are corruption, intimidation, and institutional weakness of the judicial system leading to widespread impunity; unlawful and arbitrary killings by security forces, organized criminal elements, and others; and harsh and at times life-threatening prison conditions. Please see the 2019 Country Report on Human Rights Practices in Honduras for a full report on the human rights situation in Honduras. The Government of Honduras is working to address these longstanding, deeply-rooted problems.

The U.S. Embassy works to strengthen government capacity to prevent and respond to human rights violations, improve human rights and labor policies, support the efforts of victims and vulnerable communities to secure justice, and strengthen the role of civil society in working to improve the human rights situation in Honduras.