JTF-Bravo Civil Affairs Team Completes Three Projects in 24 hours

TEGUCIGALPA – In the space of just over 24 hours, soldiers from Joint Task Force-Bravo’s 436th Civil Affairs Battalion Alpha Company oversaw ceremonial closures for three projects worth approximately 1,144,860 lempiras ($46,500) at area schools. 

Luis Bogran School in Rio Seco, Department of Santa Bárbara: This project of 443,171 lempiras (18,000 dollars) helped with the construction of two new classrooms and new restrooms, benefiting more than 300 students from first to sixth grade. 

Francisco Morazán de La Cuchilla School, municipality of San Nicolás, Department of Santa Bárbara: With this project, with an approximate value of 541,654 lempiras (22,000 dollars), investments were made in a perimeter fence, improvements to sanitary services, a kitchen and a dining room, and electrical work, benefiting more than 90 students from first to sixth grade. 

María Guzmán de Caballero School in Villa Guadalupe, municipality of San José de Colinas, Department of Santa Bárbara: This project of 160,034 lempiras (6,500 dollars) helped to renovate the floors, a classroom and the existing restrooms, benefiting more than 140 students from first to sixth grade. 

For these projects, the Civil Affairs team worked closely with local governments as well as the Ministry of Education.  

Through this donation, the United States supports the efforts of the Government of Honduras to support and expand civil engagements with vulnerable populations.  It is also a sign of our enduring promise of friendship, partnership, and solidarity with our Honduran partners and hosts. 

U.S. service members from JTF-Bravo who specialize in Civil Affairs are vital to both the task force and local stakeholders for their expertise in finding ways to build connections across cultures to increase stability and improve quality of life for citizens throughout Central America. 

Joint Task Force-Bravo (JTF-Bravo), a military unit comprised of U.S. airmen, soldiers, sailors, Marines, and U.S. and Honduran civilians stationed alongside Honduran forces at Soto Cano Air Base in Comayagua. 

In 2022, JTF-Bravo provided medical personnel to treat more than 11,000 patients and 6,000 cattle during 30 medical and veterinary brigades that provided communities an average of $27,000 in aid for each event. 

In 2021, this effort treated more than 4,992 patients during 27 medical brigades that provided communities an average of $15,000 in aid per event. 

The United States remains committed to the Honduran people to promote economic growth, security, health, education, respect for human rights, inclusion, and the strengthening of democracy. 

For more information on all the activities that the United States government has been carrying out for the benefit of our Honduran sisters and brothers, see the following links: 


July 20, 2023