Investigation of People Linked to Narcotrafficking and Corruption

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TEGUCIGALPA – The Embassy of the United States of America announces that the following individuals are under investigation due to their suspected involvement in narcotrafficking and corruption.

  • Wilter Neptaly Blanco Ruiz
  • Evin Xaviel Reyes Peña
  • Oscar Aragón Evereth
  • Fredy Donaldo Mármol Vallejo
  • Faustino Murillo Chirinos
  • Honduran Armed Forces Official, Carlos Alberto Maradiaga Izaguirre
  • Johanna Martinez Dican, aka Casildo Suazo

The United States will not be a refuge for those who engage in criminal activity. The Embassy has spoken personally with some of the individuals cited above, who have provided important information in an ongoing investigation.