Public Affairs Section

What We Do?

The Public Affairs Section is the Press, Cultural, and Education element of the U.S. Embassy. Its primary mission is to help Hondurans better understand the United States in all its multicultural and multidimensional aspects and to provide direct explanations and background information on current policies and decisions. The Press Office works close with media organizations to inform the Honduran public about Embassy activities and to explain U.S. policies. The Cultural Affairs Office works with academic and cultural institutions to help establish durable links with U.S. partner institutions and to administer scholarship programs, including the Fulbright program, as well as to present cultural and information programs.

The Public Affairs Section also works with a variety of non-governmental organizations, academic institutions and other groups in such areas as civic action and democratic awareness programs.

Press Affairs

The Press Office maintains contact with the media and provides current information on U.S. Mission activities and policies.

Cultural Affairs

The Cultural Affairs Office (CAO) fosters mutual understanding between the United States and Honduras through international educational and training programs. The CAO does so by promoting personal, professional, and institutional ties between private citizens and organizations in the United States and abroad, as well as by presenting U.S. history, society, art and culture in all of its diversity to Honduran audiences. These activities include lectures, seminars, workshops, exhibits, and performances by U.S. officials, academics, writers and artists in Honduras, as well as the visit of Honduran professionals to the U.S.