Tegucigalpa American Space

Instituto Hondureño de Cultura Interamericana
(Tegucigalpa American Space)

The Instituto Hondureño de Cultura Interamericana (IHCI), an academic and cultural center supported by the U.S. Embassy, has worked since 1939 to strengthen friendly relations among the people of the Americas, with emphasis on Honduras and the United States.

IHCI houses a public library with reference books, U.S. periodicals, and other English-language materials. The U.S. Embassy and IHCI cosponsor an EducationUSA student advising center with a wide variety of information on U.S. colleges and university studies. IHCI also maintains a highly successful academic program of English, computer courses, and a bilingual elementary school program. IHCI offers cultural events -once or twice a month. These events often provide great bargains for collectors of Honduran art.

The main IHCI building is located in 2a Avenue, between 5th and 6th Streets, No. 520 in Comayagüela. IHCI also has branches at Colonia Matamoros in Tegucigalpa, and at Barrio Abajo in Comayagua.

For more information, please go to IHCI’s website or contact them at (504) 2220-1393, 2220-1394, 2237-9480, 2221-1406, 2772-2481 or to the fax number (504) 2238-0064.

For information on U.S. universities and scholarship programs, please contact the Education USA Advising Center at (504) 2221-1406 or 2221-3245.