San Pedro Sula American Space

The binational center in San Pedro Sula, Centro Cultural Sampedrano (CCS), was established by the U.S. Information Agency in 1955 to strengthen friendly relations between the peoples of Honduras and the United States. Since 1976, it has operated completely independently from the Embassy, although CCS receives occasional grants of support for specific materials or programs.

CCS has a public library with reference books, U.S. periodicals, English and other languages materials and receives approximately 40,000 visitors per month. They have a library membership for individuals or family memberships. It also houses an EducationUSA student advising center that provides information on U.S. colleges and universities. The English program enrolls approximately 800 students, ages 6 to adult.

In 2000, CCS started a high school program fully accredited by the Honduran government, in which the students graduate with a complete bilingual background. Currently, in coordination with the bilingual secretarial program, also under the same standards, there are 850 students.

The Center also hosts cultural events, such as art exhibits, lectures, book presentations, etc, approximately three times a month. The art exhibits often provide great bargains for collectors of Honduran art.

Contact Information

Centro Cultural Sampedrano
Address: Barrio Guamilito, 3 Calle, 3 y 4 Avenida, N.O., San Pedro Sula, Cortés
Phone numbers: (504) 2553-3911, 2553-3768
Fax: (504) 2557-8804