Departments of State, Treasury, and Justice Meet With Honduran Delegation

State Department Counselor Thomas Shannon and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Francisco Palmieri, with colleagues from the Department of Treasury and the Department of Justice, hosted an interagency meeting on October 20 with a high-level Honduran delegation to discuss recent U.S. government action targeting three Honduran nationals and several of their businesses, and the Government of Honduras’s response. The Honduran delegation – led by Honduran Coordinating Minister Jorge Ramon Hernandez Alcerro, Foreign Minister Arturo Corrales, Finance Minister Wilfredo Cerrato, and Ethel Deras, the Head of the National Bank and Insurance Commission – is in Washington to further coordinate cooperation between our two governments on this complex and important matter. The delegations discussed in depth the procedures for allowing legitimate domestic and international transactions to proceed. The Hondurans also expressed appreciation for the valuable assistance provided by Treasury experts who have experience dealing with distressed financial institutions.

During the meeting, Counselor Shannon noted Honduras is a key partner and ally in the region, and commended Honduras for taking this opportunity to enhance rule of law and transparency. Counselor Shannon underscored the United States is deeply committed to the political and economic success of Honduras, and stands ready to support additional Treasury work with Honduras to ensure the integrity and soundness of the Honduran financial system.