353 Corrupt and Undemocratic Actors Report

Report to Congress on Foreign Persons who have Knowingly Engaged in Actions that Undermine Democratic Processes or Institutions, Significant Corruption, or Obstruction of Such Corruption in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras Section 353(b) of the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2021 (Div. FF, P.L. 116-260) Consistent with Section 353(b) of the …

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Honduran Students Lead the Way for Central American Students Pursuing Higher Education in the United States

TEGUCIGALPA – The number of Honduran students enrolled in U.S. higher education increased 12.8 percent, to 1,985, according to the 2016 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange released yesterday, the greatest percentage increase for all of Mexico and Central America. Honduras sends more bright promising students to the U.S. than any other country in …

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