Tegucigalpa M.D.C. – The United States Embassy, through the Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs American Film Diplomacy program, the American Film Showcase (AFS), is pleased to bring the acclaimed American Filmmaker Anayansi Prado to Honduras. 

Through the American Film Showcase program and in partnership with the Tercer Cine film project led by Honduran filmmaker Laura Bermúdez, Anayansi Prado will hold workshops on documentaries and cinema from October 22 to 28, along with engaging in conversations with Honduran filmmakers, all aimed at fostering the art of cinematography in Honduras. Her extensive background and experience promise to be highly beneficial to all participants in the activities scheduled for the week. 

The American Film Showcase (AFS) program promotes people-to-people engagement, offers contemporary insights into American society, and fosters cross-cultural understanding. Each of AFS’s programs is designed to ignite dialogue and empower local communities to tell their own stories. 

These cultural exchanges play a pivotal role in strengthening the bonds of friendship between Honduras and the United States through film and the arts, affording an opportunity to engage with members of vulnerable communities and populations. This program supports efforts to create diverse and inclusive societies, the empowerment of women and respect for human rights that help Hondurans achieve a prosperous future in their country. 

Anayansi Prado is an award-winning documentary director and producer of Panamanian origin, with more than 20 years of film experience. Her work has predominantly centered around immigration issues, indigenous land rights, racial identity, education, and other social and humanitarian issues. Her films have been broadcasted nationally in the United States on the PBS television network and abroad. 

The workshops that will be carried out are: 

  • Workshop “Development and evaluation of your documentary history” 
  • Workshop “Creating solid and competitive proposals” 
  • Workshop “Film distribution” 



On Thursday, October 26, public presentation of the documentary “What are you?” where themes of family diversity and racism internalized in Latin American culture are explored through filmmaker Anayansi Prado’s trip to her native country, Panama, with her father, in search of her African ancestors. The unexpected information they discover during their investigation will change their identities and their relationship forever. 

📅 Date: October 26 

🕒 Time: 3:00- 4:00 PM 

📍 Location: CRAI UNAH Auditorium 


For more information about the American Film Showcase program and Anayansi Prado visit the following links: 


October 24, 2023