Ambassador Laura F. Dogu’s Remarks on the Donation of 300,690 Vaccine Doses

It’s wonderful to be here today.

Like many people, last week I had COVID

The vaccine protected me and my symptoms were mild.

For that, I am very grateful for the vaccine.

Once again, it is my great pleasure to deliver, on behalf of the United States, 300,690 adult vaccines.

Including the more than 346,000 doses donated last week, the US has already donated a total of 5.5 million vaccines.

Minister of Health Matheu,

Vice Chancellor Rodriguez,

Vice Minister Montalvan,

Director of the EPI,

Doctor Guevara,

PAHO Acting Representative, Dr. Ayala,

All friends.

Today is a good day for you guys to go in and get your first or second dose, or your boosters,

There is no excuse not to get vaccinated!

If you live far from the city, the US continues to support Honduras in bringing vaccines to the entire country.

If you are within the city, go to your nearest vaccination point or receive the vaccination brigades at the door of your house.

Honduras, we are together in this fight.

We can stay safe and sound, there are enough doses of vaccines in the country.

Catracho, get vaccinated today!