Ambassador Laura F. Dogu’s Remarks for the UNODC-MENTHOR Launch

Hyatt Hotel, Tegucigalpa May 30, 2022

Good morning everyone!

Let me begin by saying that it is an honor for me to address you at this meeting. And I want to take this opportunity to thank the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for organizing this important event, the launching of the MENTHOR project.

The United States funded this project because we recognize that human trafficking is a heinous crime, even though it is often not obvious. It is a crime that not only generates enormous suffering, but also a crime that affects societies and economies.

We know that this is not a problem that can be combated unilaterally. Human trafficking knows no borders and requires both our governments to fight together to eradicate it. And it also needs the involvement and commitment of professionals willing to face the challenges related to this type of crime.

It is important to give survivors all the necessary tools to recover and move forward. The MENTHOR project proposes to strengthen the knowledge of public officials who play a central role in the investigation and prosecution of human trafficking. We recognize the commitment and work of the Government of Honduras in its efforts to prevent and combat trafficking in persons. We also recognize the fundamental role that all of you will play in the fight against human trafficking. And while this is a very difficult subject, I wish you all a fruitful and positive training.

Thank you very much!