Ambassador Laura F. Dogu’s Remarks at the Launch of “Atención y Prevención Innovadora de la Migración Irregular en Países del Triángulo Norte”

We want to avoid another tragedy like the one that occurred in San Antonio, Texas when some Hondurans searching for the American dream found a nightmare.

We don’t want more deaths!

And that is why, we are committed to supporting initiatives that offer Hondurans opportunities for development in their country.

This is crucial so that Hondurans do not choose to risk their lives on such a dangerous journey.

Minister of Labor Cerna, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs García, Ambassador of Mexico González,

Head of the Canadian Embassy in Honduras De-Lima Baril, General Coordinator of FOSDEH Burdett, First Vice President of the Pino National Congress, colleagues and guests.

Very good days!

And thank you for the invitation to participate in this event.

In July 2021, exactly one year ago, the Biden administration launched the Root Causes of Migration Strategy.

Addressing these causes is vital to preventing irregular migration and saving lives.

We know that to generate lasting changes, we need to strengthen alliances, institutionalize programs, and promote regional integration.

I have been able to personally visit the three repatriation centers.

And listen to the stories of returned migrants.

They are really heartbreaking.

It is unfortunate that they feel the need to leave their country because of corruption and lack of opportunities.

The United States Secretary of Homeland Security has just met with President Castro and her team. We agree that we need to work together

to create more economic opportunities AND improve conditions within the communities from which most migrants come.

In view of the results of the investigation, for which we are gathered here.

It strikes me that at least 30 to 40 percent of the returned citizens who arrive at the reception centers had already been returned before.

That is why for the United States and Honduras, it is a priority to support re-integration programs to break the cycle of migratory re-offending.

Soon, through USAID, and working closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we will implement a renewal in our reintegration programs for returned migrants at the municipal level.

Even better, it is to create the conditions so that Hondurans do not feel the need to migrate for the first time.

A key initiative is to support thousands of Hondurans to find temporary employment, either in the US or in other countries such as Canada and Spain.

Working together with the Government of Honduras, last year we managed to get more than 3,600 Hondurans temporary employment in the United States.

We continue to work together to make that number grow significantly.

I want to thank FOSDEH once again for the invitation to participate in this event.

I take the opportunity to motivate everyone to work together.

It is not true that you have to flee Honduras.

I make a special call to friends in the private sector.

Governments alone cannot create the necessary conditions.

Only with the private sector, working together with governments, can we create the necessary conditions. The moment is now.

Honduras and its people need you, today more than ever.

We reaffirm our support, to continue hand in hand with the people of Honduras.

I thank you all for your attention.

Thank you very much!