Ambassador Laura F. Dogu Remarks for  LASPAU “Teaching in Virtual Environments” Grant Closing Ceremony

Buenas tardes! 

I am Laura Dogu, the U.S. Ambassador to Honduras. Today I come to congratulate you for having completed the Laspau certification in “University Teaching in Virtual Environments.” We hope the training has met your expectations. We thank the Laspau team for designing and coordinating the program. 

 Through this program, the United States invested more than 4.2 million lempiras to benefit all universities in Honduras. One of the needs presented by the pandemic was to seek better preparation for teaching in virtual environments. We managed to turn it into an opportunity for you. Virtual instruction will remain a part of the educational field. Once the technological challenges have been overcome, virtual instruction opens doors for greater inclusion. With the solid foundation you have obtained through this certification, and with the network that has been created, you will improve your study programs, benefiting thousands of students in Honduras. 

I was able to see some of the videos of their final projects. I was very impressed with the high quality of their work. I want to highlight, in particular, the “Changing Paradigms” project of the Metropolitan University of Honduras, which captured well our intention with this program: Remaining a facilitator of learning for your students in a world of constant change is not so much about technology, but about adapting pedagogy. 

The United States government is willing to support the progress of Honduras. We support you – university teachers – because you prepare the professionals who will contribute to the economic growth of Honduras. You are the ones who can inspire your students to be agents of change, in their families, in their communities, in their homeland Honduras. There is a lot of talent between you and your students. You are going to take Honduras forward and we are here to support you! 

Congratulations on this achievement. Now to put it into practice and share it!