Ambassador Laura F. Dogu Remarks AMEXCID-USAID Workshop

Good afternoon everyone!

I want to thank my colleagues from USAID and AMEXCID for participating in today’s event. The agreement between the United States and Mexico, signed in June of last year, marks an important step forward in bilateral and regional cooperation. This is the kind of cooperation we need to address some of the most urgent development needs in the Central American region. For example, here in Honduras, the lack of educational and economic opportunities exacerbate poverty and food insecurity in the country. This forces people to leave their community, friends, and family.

On one of my recent trips to San Pedro Sula through our “Creating My Future Here” program, I had the opportunity to meet Erick, an admirable young man. Erick felt he could no longer find an opportunity in Honduras and was ready to migrate. Just before embarking on his path, Erick became aware of USAID’s employability program and decided to invest in it. Today Erick is one of the best salespeople at Diunsa, one of the largest department stores in Honduras.

Our programs they transform lives. I mention this because I know that “Creating My Future Here” is part of this important alliance with AMEXCID. I want to encourage you to take advantage of what you have learned in today’s workshop and apply it effectively to breakdowns. Through “Sowing Opportunities” let’s make a difference in the lives of agricultural producers and improve their access to markets.

Let’s support youth to make their dreams come true in their country without the need to migrate. Through this alliance, let’s give them the tools they need to strengthen their skills to obtain employment here in Honduras. I bid you farewell and thank you for your participation in this workshop. Events and work sessions like today’s strengthen cooperation between the United States and Mexico.

Thanks again, and I invite you to enjoy a gathering on the terrace.

Thank you very much.