Ambassador Laura F. Dogu Remarks Aboard USNS COMFORT

We are on board [a 70 thousand-ton ship] of assistance that came in response to President Castro’s request to help the people of Honduras.

I am proud that the USNS Comfort is here today.

The Comfort ship arrived in Honduras to provide medical assistance, strengthen the health system, and help respond to natural disasters.

This is an especially important issue today as we see the effects of a tropical storm.

The USNS Comfort ship is a floating hospital.

One of the largest and most capable in the world.

It can house patients with the most difficult cases.

But, the COMFORT is more than the boat or the technology it comes with.

Comfort’s most important resource is its staff.

It is a team of medical professionals of the highest quality: general surgeons, doctors of other specialties, nurses, radiology technicians, dentists, and laboratory scientists.

When the ship changed its route due to the storm, more than 40 experts who would normally arrive with the Comfort came by land to provide medical attention.

Minister of Defense José Manuel Zelaya, Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Rear Admiral José Fortín, and distinguished guests,

My country is your partner.

For many years we have collaborated with the Ministry of Health, providing advice and donating more than 5.8 million covid-19 vaccines.

Through the collaboration we have with the Honduran armed forces, we have treated more than eleven thousand patients this year apart from this visit.

And we have coordinated for months to bring the Comfort to Honduras.

The relationship between the United States and Honduras is more than a ship visit.

It is more than a development program or a simple dialogue between two governments.

It is a relationship between two peoples.

Two brother towns.

Two peoples that shake hands in friendship to share what we have and what we need.




Respect for human rights.



It is what we seek for ourselves and it is what we seek for Honduras.

And together we will reach that destination.

Thank you very much.