Ambassador Laura Dogu’s Remarks at FUNDAHRSE Relaunch 

Good evening, everyone.

I wish I could be there with all of you on this significant day for FUNDAHRSE and its members. Unfortunately, I had to remain in Tegucigalpa due to the ongoing process for the selection of the new Attorney General and Deputy. Although I couldn’t travel to San Pedro Sula, I wanted to share this message with you regarding the important work you are doing.

The private sector has the potential to make a profound impact on Honduran society. In addition to its traditional role of stimulating economic activity, it plays a fundamental part in achieving a fairer society. And that’s what corporate social responsibility is about.

FUNDAHRSE is actively involved in education, climate change, inclusion, employability, and the fight against corruption. I have witnessed the efforts of the private sector. I have attended the inaugurations of schools improved by Fundación Terra and Fundación FICOHSA, benefiting hundreds of families.

That is a step in the right direction. It’s undeniable that there is much more work to be done. There is a vast horizon to which your corporate social responsibility programs can aspire.

Mario Faraj, President of FUNDAHRSE; Mateo Yibrin, President of COHEP; and other representatives and members of FUNDAHRSE.

These recent years have brought about significant global and environmental challenges. We have faced a pandemic that affected all sectors and all families. And Honduras remains highly vulnerable to climate events.

In times of crisis, collaborative efforts are needed to drive significant change. I encourage your companies to expand the goals and budgets of your corporate social responsibility to do more. It’s time to infuse a more social mindset into your growth strategies.

If you struggle to find employees with the necessary skills, design programs that develop those abilities. This way, skilled individuals can contribute with the quality your companies require. Devise projects that support local entrepreneurs or agricultural producers who are integral to your supply chains.

I say this because I know it can be achieved, and you are not alone. You have the support of the United States government in making this change. We are ready to provide assistance through USAID with various programs.

Furthermore, we are ready to collaborate on shared goals. This year, we launched the Education Alliance with the Honduran government and the private sector. Since January, we have already repaired 10 schools. And we plan to repair at least 44 more.

We encourage FUNDAHRSE members to join this alliance as we work to rebuild all schools in need of repair. Private sector investment in school infrastructure strengthens the educational foundation for future generations. From there, the pillars for sustainable and equitable development in society are established.

The challenges Honduras faces are too great for a single government, donor, or company to overcome alone. I invite you to take the next step with your corporate social responsibility programs. What holds us back from thinking innovatively and doing more for the Honduran families in greatest need?

Knowing your commitment, I have no doubt that the next time we meet, it will be to celebrate the inauguration of a school, a health center, or the launch of a program supporting youth employability.

Congratulations on this relaunch!

Thank you very much.