Ambassador Laura Dogu Speech at FinTech Conference

Good morning!


Since the inception of the first bank 2000 years ago, banking services were exclusive to individuals and companies with resources.


In the world, what we have seen is that this scenario can evolve rapidly.


In countries lackingsophisticated infrastructure, Fintech has been instrumental in creating new financial opportunities.


We are here today to do just that.


In Honduras, financial technology has the potential to channel billions of dollars in remittances and create new products and services that represent a generational leap in innovation.


Access to banking is fundamental for sustainable and inclusive economic growth.


Banking not only promotes savings and facilitates credit but also opens up investment opportunities.


Therefore, promoting financial stability and fostering personal, family, and community development.


Despite the evidence showcasing the importance of access to financial services, there is still considerable work ahead.


According to a recent World Bank survey, only 38% of Hondurans over 15 years old had access to a bank account.


This is even lower for women, with only 29% access.


The survey also highlighted that the use of mobile banking remains low, with only 9% utilizing these services.


Closing this gap requires new solutions for financial inclusion.


This involves forging partnerships with innovative companies that can optimize costs, streamline payments, and connect customers through technology.


I express my gratitude to everyone for participating in this conference, especially our partner, the FinTech Association.


Financial inclusion is a complex undertaking, but the goal of this conference is to connect all those who invest in the financial success of the Honduran people.


In this context, conferences of this nature add value towards achieving a shared vision.


This event marks only the first step.


Fintech represents the future, and each one of you plays a pivotal role as the drivers shaping this future in Honduras.


Thank you very much!