Ambassador Laura Dogu Remarks  at the The Education Alliance Launch

Thanks Dany.   

The education challenges that Honduras faces are too great for a single government, a single donor, or a single company to solve.   

That is why we are here today. It is wonderful to see the boys, girls, youth, parents, and teachers here.   

Also, to the authorities of the Government of Honduras, members of the private sector, donors, civil society and other organizations that are with us today.  

A quality education translates into more prosperous and secure communities with opportunities for better wages, thus reducing poverty and the need to emigrate.   

USAID Administrator Power says it very well in her video.  

The road looks uphill, but with everyone’s effort it can be achieved.  

On several occasions you have heard me speak about the need for the alliance.  

My position of support and commitment remains firm. 

Today we hear about new initiatives to address the most complex challenges of education in Honduras.  

One of these is the poor condition of the infrastructure in which more than 12,000 schools in the country are found. 

This challenge is so enormous and requires so many resources that it cannot be met if we do not come together. 

Now we are here accompanied by Mateo Yibrin and other representatives of the private company, demonstrating their commitment to the future of children and youth in Honduras.

This has become a solid alliance, but it still has room to grow and more companies and organizations to join. 

Many more resources are needed than are currently available. 

To date, the private sector, including Grupo Ficohsa, the Honduran Association of Maquiladoras, Fundación Terra, and COHEP, have committed an estimated $3.3 million to make changes to the schoolsinfrastructure.

Taiwan has pledged support of $2 million. 

And the Government of the United States will also be supporting with $5.5 million to start.  

We know that other donors will also continue to invest in this sector.  

I feel very satisfied with the actions that we have initiated, and I motivate them to continue like this.  

Much more can be done! I invite civil society, faith-based organizations, private companies, donors, and other institutions to also be part of this Alliance for Education.   

Seeing the students, parents, and teachers here along with the members of this Alliance gives me hope.   

I thank you all for being here today.