Ambassador Dogu’s Remarks  in Inauguration of Educational Centers for the Alliance for Education

Good morning, everyone. 

I believe that education is the first gateway to a prosperous future. That’s why, when I arrived in Honduras, I understood that we had to start by improving school infrastructure. So that children could have access to safer places for education and coexistence. 

And I said, “Let’s get to work!” with the Alliance for Education. 

We are joining the forces of the Government of Honduras, the United States Government, and the private sector to provide quality schools to communities for their sons and daughters. 

Last month, as part of the Alliance for Education, we inaugurated a school in a village in San Miguelito, Intibucá. There, the teachers told us that previously, the boys and girls didn’t want to attend or stay in school. Now, with a new building and spaces to play, the children do want to go to classes. Enrollment has increased, and there are favorable conditions for the learning that students need. 

These are the types of opportunities that we are trying to create with this education alliance. I am very pleased to see girls, boys, and young people at our events. It is for and because of you that we work. 

I’m pleased to welcome: 

the Minister of Education, Daniel Esponda; 

the Minister of the Honduran Social Investment Fund, Octavio Pineda; 

mothers and fathers of the students here; 


local government authorities; 

executives from Grupo Terra, Mr. Fredy Nasser; 

members of the private sector; 

civil society; 

and the media who are accompanying us today. 

Thanks to all of you and to the community for turning the dreams of children and young people into reality. 

When we launched the Alliance for Education earlier this year, together with the government of Honduras, we knew that the private sector was a key ally. Today, we celebrate the inauguration of these 3 Educational Centers out of the 21 that Grupo Terra has committed to repairing.  

For all of this, you deserve a big round of applause. We need more companies to join like Grupo Terra, with that commitment to investing in education. We hope that the joy expressed today by teachers, educational authorities, girls, and boys serves as motivation for all of us. 

We must continue investing in the repair and remodeling of many more educational centers throughout the country. The educational challenges that Honduras faces are too big for a single government, a single donor, or a single company to overcome. However, together we can overcome the challenge.  

As a representative of the Government and people of the United States, I have no doubt that, working together, we will achieve much more through this alliance for the future of Honduras.  

Thank you very much, everyone.