Ambassador Dogu’s Remarks Department of Defense National Guard of Puerto Rico Equipment Donation

The mobility capacity of the armed forces of Honduras is a critical component inadhering to the orders of the President and the needs of the people. 

This marks my fifth visit to this vibrant city, and each time I come, I discover a new corner of the warm and beautiful Puerto Cortés.  In my past visits, I had the opportunity to deliver a donation of other clinics-in-a-can, which are now benefiting the residents of Puerto Cortés. 

Today, I am accompanied by representatives from the National Guard of Puerto Rico and our Office of Security Cooperation to make a special donation. 

Thank you to Madam President, Iris Xiomara Castro Sarmiento, 

President of Congress Mr. Luis Redondo, 

Madam President of the Supreme Court, Rebeca Raquel Obando, 

Minister of Defense, Mr. José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, 

Chief of the Joint Staff, Brigadier General Roosevelt Hernández Aguilar, 

Commander of the Naval Forces, Captain Austacil Hagarin Tome Flores, 

Madam Mayor of Puerto Cortés, María Luisa Martell, 

Representatives of the Community, 

And to all the distinguished guests who have joined us to strengthen these alliances between naval forces and friendly nations. 

The donation of two landing barges and six 12-ton trucks highlights the alliance and collaboration of the “ Sister Countries Program” between Puerto Rico and Honduras.  The participation of the National Guard of Puerto Rico in this program has played a fundamental role in improving the capabilities of their Honduran counterparts.  Through shared experiences, joint training exercises, and the exchange of knowledge, this program has laid the foundation for a strong and enduring partnership. 

The significance of the partnership becomes even more pronounced when we witness this important donation that will enhance the maritime capabilities of Honduras.  This is an example of how we can achieve tangible results through joint initiatives.  The program has not only facilitated the exchange of knowledge and resources, but has also created a platform to build lasting relationships and understanding among our military forces. 

The collaboration between Puerto Rico and Honduras under the Sister Countries Program, and from the Office of Security Cooperation, is a testimony to the effectiveness and international cooperation.  It transcends geopolitical borders and demonstrates that when countries work together, they can achieve shared objectives that benefit not only their citizens but also contribute to global stability.  

I am confident that these barges and trucks will enable the members of the Naval Forces to serve the Honduran people more effectively in times of emergencies and disasters. 

This program showcases the values of solidarity, friendship, and shared responsibility that underpin our diplomatic relations.  Through programs like these, we lay the foundation for a safer and more interconnected world, where nations can rely on each other in times of need and collaborate for the greater good. 

May this collaboration continue to flourish, bringing about positive changes, resilience, and prosperity for all involved. 

Thank you.