Ambassador Dogu’s Remarks  at the Meta and Fundacion Terra Event Small Business Digital Training

Good morning!

Today, we live in constantly changing times.

Success in this dynamic world requires skills that were previously available only in our imaginations.

Training in the digital field is key to international competitiveness.

I am very happy to see the commitment of everyone here to strengthen knowledge in this field in Honduras.

I would like to thank the representatives of Meta and Fundación Terra for all their support on this project.

Also, I must acknowledge all the work that Minister Barquero has done to expand training opportunities for MIPYMES.

This is another example of the ties between the United States and Honduras.

Talking with MSMEs in Honduras, I have heard many stories and challenges.

Markets have changed due to the pandemic.

And it is now understood that e-commerce platforms are more important than ever, creating a huge demand to develop online sites and applications.

The United States is committed to working with the Honduran government and private sector.

We have several training programs on digital issues, even in cooperation with this Secretariat, and now with Meta.

They are part of Vice President Harris’ “Call to Action” initiative, which is bringing new investment to Honduras to create jobs and improve the welfare of the Honduran people.

Today, representatives from the office of Vice President Harris and the Partnership for Central America, including Mark Lopez, are in Honduras to meet with the government and the private sector about new opportunities to expand U.S. investment in Honduras.

Through these programs, we have already boosted the online sales of thirteen thousand micro, small, and medium enterprises.

The Embassy of the United States in Tegucigalpa will continue working so that entrepreneurs in both countries can be successful.

I wish you much success in this important initiative.

Thank you very much.