Ambassador Dogu’s Remarks at the Donation Ceremony in Clinica Periférica de Emergencia (Cliper) El Hato.

Good morning! 

The Hospital Escuela is the only hospital in Tegucigalpa with emergency services in all specialties for children and adults, providing coverage at all times. 

In support of this great work, the United States Southern Command is donating a clinic for the care of the elderly with chronic diseases, valued at approximately 4 million Lempiras. 

Madam Vice Minister of Health, Dr. Nerza Paz,Mr. Director of the Hospital Escuela, Dr. Osmin Tovar; 

Special guests; 

Representatives of the media: 

In our lives, health is always the primary concern. 

The North American military personnel of the Joint Task Force Bravo routinely conduct general and specialty surgery brigades at the Hospital Escuela. 

These brigades contribute to reducing delays in treatment for all patients. 

Professional exchanges in critical care are also carried out, providing support for bacteria surveillance. 

In 2023, the United States Southern Command granted over 34 million Lempiras for construction. 

The projects included water and sanitation, as well as infrastructure improvement in multiple health centers and schools. 

Additionally, the Southern Command donated disaster preparedness and response supplies. 

As always, it is an honor for the U.S. to work jointly in support of our Honduran brothers and sisters. 

Thank you very much.