Ambassador Dogu’s Remarks at Inauguration of CEB Mi Independencia La Laguna, San Miguelito, Intibucá

I am convinced that our support and assistance transform lives. 

Nilsy, a first-grade student in Lempira, lives with spina bifida, and she needs her wheelchair to get around.   

Attending school was a challenge for her and her parents, since her school did not have what was necessary to facilitate her access.   

Today, thanks to the work we have done at her school, she now has the necessary ramps, toilets, accesses and conditions for her and other people living with disabilities.   

Now Nilsy goes to school, and she can develop fully and properly in a comfortable and safe environment.   

By investing in the infrastructure of a school, we invest in education and that is what transforms lives.  

Hello, everyone.  

It is a pleasure to share this space with Minister Octavio Pineda, Representative of the Secretary of Education Juan Carlos Coello and Mayor Justo Reyes, and distinguished and distinguished members of the community.  

Thank you very much to all of you for being here.   

Today for the first time I visit San Miguelito, Intibucá.   

I accept recommendations for typical places to visit!  

It makes me very curious.  

This month, we reached several milestones under the Alliance for Education that was announced in January together with the Honduran government and the private sector.   

We have completely transformed this school.   

The before and after photos are very impressive.   

All fruit of hard work between the Ministry of Education, USAID, the FHIS, the Mayor’s Office of San Miguelito, the executing committee of the project, and the educational community.  

USAID’s investment was more than 5 million Lempiras, the municipality contributed more than 1 million Lempiras, and the community contributed almost 200,000 Lempiras.  

We have much more to celebrate today!   

Thanks to the dedication of the project’s executing committee, the center has increased enrollment, one of the biggest challenges facing schools nationwide. 

Changes were implemented that allow for better access for people living with disabilities.   

Also, at the initiative of Mayor Justo Reyes, the access road was repaired so that students can arrive without interruptions and safely.   

We welcome the agreement between the Presidency and AMHON so that the municipalities increase their contributions to the reconstruction of schools.   

We are in talks with AMHON to formally join this Alliance for Education.   

The door is still open for more allies to continue joining.   

With these renovations, the center has become a space that generates hope, and social coexistence is promoted, where holidays, community network meetings, and training are held. 

Another great sign that unity is the gasoline to achieve the goals we have in common.   

Working together will lead us to success!  

Since 2013, the US Department of Agriculture, together with its local partners, has brought healthy meals daily to 53,000 students in the department of Intibucá, including students from this center.   

From USAID, we will continue supporting Honduran families through our programs and alliances, not only in education, but also in issues of environmental care, security, governance, the fight for human rights, and economic growth.   

The achievements made in this center are not attributed to any individual or organization in particular.   

All of us who join today have made this great alliance possible.   

If we have achieved all this in six months, I can already imagine what will come in the coming months.   

We will continue working side by side to have safer and more prosperous communities that continue to fight to improve their future here in Honduras.   

They have the strong support of the United States.   

Thank you so much!