Ambassador Dogu’s Remarks  at American Music Abroad Program Closing Concert Cerro Juana Laínez

Good evening, Tegucigalpa!

Are you ready to dance?

Like you, I’m ready to enjoy the weekend.

And what better way to start it than with this concert, surrounded by families

here in this beautiful Cerro Juana Laínez Park, with the Peace Monument in the background.

Throughout history, music has served as a tool to inspire, mobilize, and give voice to social movements.

Gina Chávez and her band bring a powerful message about diversity and inclusion and the empowerment of vulnerable and marginalized communities.

And that is why we are so pleased to have Gina and her band for the first time in Honduras.

I want to thank all the members of the Embassy who gave us their support to develop Gina’s agenda in Honduras.

And of course, I want to thank Gina, Michael, Karin, Daniel and Elizeu for coming.

to this beautiful country to share their music and their message.

Honduras, a noise for the band!

Gina, the stage is yours!