Ambassador Dogu Remarks at Inauguration of Centro de Educación Básica Dr. Alfonso Lacayo

Valerie is an 8-year-old girl. She aspires to become a doctor. She attends school accompanied by her grandmother Luisa, one of the teachers who co-founded the Basic Education Center, Alfonso Lacayo, in 2003. 

Professor Luisa and Valerie represent a three-generation family of Garifuna women from Honduras, who, like many others, have strived to work and educate themselves, despite facing multiple challenges. 

Thanks to the tireless work of the educational community here in Rivera Hernández, through the CEB Alfonso Lacayo, families like Valerie and Luisa can preserve their culture while fulfilling their dream of education. 

Good morning! Greetings to the Minister of FHIS, Octavio Pineda; representatives of the Ministry of Education, and the Mayor of San Pedro Sula, Roberto Contreras. 

It is always a pleasure to share these events of the Alliance for Education with our partners from the central and local government and community members. 

Today, I want to extend a special welcome to other members of this important Alliance, our friends from the private sector. 

We are truly pleased that you have accepted our invitation to attend this significant event today at this beautiful educational center. 

We are very excited to share with you the progress of our Alliance. 

The United States government shares the vision that education is a fundamental axis for the development of societies. 

We are committed to continuing support for Honduras’ efforts to improve the quality and access to education for the entire population. 

Currently, the Alliance for Education contributes to the comprehensive strengthening of the education system, including investment in infrastructure, furniture, and capacity building for teachers and students. 

All of this is supported by entities such as FHIS, the Ministry of Education, local governments, the private sector, communities, USAID, and the Southern Command. 

Today, we are gathered here to celebrate an extraordinary achievement, the expansion of the Basic Education Center Alfonso Lacayo. 

The project was carried out by the Project Executive Committee, formed by community leaders, teachers, and parents. 

What makes Alfonso Lacayo truly special is that the center is intercultural as it is trilingual. 

Here, girls and boys from Rivera Hernández have access to Spanish, English, and Garifuna. 

This contributes to ensuring that the new generations do not lose contact with their roots and continue to transmit their culture from generation to generation. 

Before the intervention, the educational center had only three poorly lit and unventilated classrooms. 

With no perimeter fence, there was no control over the entry of people and animals, making the safety of students and teachers vulnerable. 

I want to recognize the executive committee of the project for their leadership and the entire educational community.  

You should feel very proud of what you have achieved to provide a more prosperous, secure, and inclusive future for Garifuna girls and boys here in Honduras. 

To our partner, the government of Honduras, represented by FHIS, Minister Pineda: we are on the right track, and we cannot turn back! 

These girls and boys, their parents, and teachers count on us. 

To our friends from the private sector who are with us today, I am very pleased to share with you another success of the Alliance. 

I hope that after today, you, like the Ficohsa Foundation and Terra Foundation, become part of this Alliance for Education. 

I say goodbye, once again extending this invitation and sharing with you a brief video of our Alliance for Education. 

Like the students here, I speak English and Spanish. 

Now, I will try it in Garifuna for the first time. 

Ti-dan-giñe sun wanígi, owenbu seremei (Ti-dan-ghyiñe sun won-ighyi, Oh-wen-bu Sareh-mehi) 

Thank you very much!